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top 20 best calendar apps for android

 top 20 best calendar apps for android

Certainly! Here are 20 of the best calendar apps for Android:

1. Google Calendar

2. Microsoft Outlook

3. Business Calendar 2

4. aCalendar

5. DigiCal Calendar

6. Today Calendar

7.Calendars by Readdle


9. TimeTree

10. Any.do

11. Jorte Calendar

12. Planner Pro

13. TimeBlocks

14. Simple Calendar

15. Cozi Family Organizer

16. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

17. Calendar Notify

18. Calendar.AI

19. Week Calendar Widget

20. ZenDay: Calendar & Tasks

These calendar apps vary in terms of features, design, and user interface, so you can explore them to find the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

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