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2022, Drama/Horror, 1h 49m


In a remote mountain village, two sisters grow up at the mercy of their abusive mother. A terrible accident happens when the eldest, Šarlota, escapes into the woods, followed by her sister Tamara. Otyla, a Roma woman living on the outskirts of town, is blamed for the girl's disappearance and accused of witchcraft. Twenty years later, Šarlota unexpectedly shows up in the village. As she digs into her past, the locals grow suspicious. Only a young and eccentric herbalist, Mira, is willing to befriend her. When the animals in the village start to fall ill, the locals accuse Šarlota of conjuring Otyla's spirit.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery & thriller
Original Language: Slovak
Director: Tereza Nvotová
Producer: Milos Lochman
Writer: Tereza Nvotová, Barbora Namerova, Tereza Nvotová
Release Date (Theaters): Sep 22, 2023  Limited
Release Date (Streaming): Oct 24, 2023
Runtime: 1h 49m
Distributor: Breaking Glass Pictures
Production Co: RTVS, Moloko Film, BFILM

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