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2023, Mystery & thriller/Sci-fi, 1h 20m


A man struggles to survive after awakening alone, trapped in a society connected only by a primitive computer network, where the ability to entertain is the only currency. Grappling with a flickering, faulty memory of his life before, the film's nameless protagonist (Melvin Gregg) discovers that his unseen audience seems to reward most highly his moments of humiliation and pain. Building off this realization, he crafts a self-destructive comedic persona that allows him to not just survive, but thrive in his new world. Rewarded with "socialization" via video feeds, the man develops relationships with other inhabitants, including a cantankerous veteran of the system (Bradley Whitford), and two women (Alice Braga and Danielle Campbell) who confront him with opposed worldviews. Should he accept his confinement and try to find some form of happiness within it, or fight a seemingly unwinnable war with the system that imprisons him?

Genre: Mystery & thriller, Sci-fi

Original Language: English

Director: Ira Rosensweig

Producer: Carissa Buffel, Kevin Matusow, Ira Rosensweig

Writer: Ira Rosensweig, Benjamin Sutor

Release Date (Theaters): Nov 10, 2023  Limited

Release Date (Streaming): Nov 10, 2023

Runtime: 1h 20m

Distributor: XYZ Films

Production Co: Traveling Picture Show Company (TPSC), Wavemaker Creative

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